Angelic baby born, angelb.

'천사같은 아기가 태어나다'라는 의미를 가진
'엔젤비닷'은 세상의 주인공으로 태어난
아기 시선에 맞춘 용품 전문브랜드입니다.

angel B.的意思是“天使宝宝的诞生”
是以未来主人公诞生在这世界的孩子的角度定制的母婴品 牌。


Angelb. stands for ‘angelic baby born’ and is a baby products brand
that focuses on the perspectives and experiences of babies
who are born leaders of the world.


Brand introduction

‘Angelb.,’ a baby’s birth products brand that pays attention to the perspectives and experiences of babies to promote their happy and emotional development.

Angelic Baby Born. Angelb.
Angelb. stands for ‘angelic baby born’ and is a childbirth and baby products brand that focuses on the perspectives and experiences babies who are born leaders of the world.

Pure & Fun
Newborn babies are not able to open their eyes. Soon they open their eyes and see only in black and white. Angelb. is the world that babies see for the first time, and it is full of ‘fun’ that stimulates the ‘innocent’ gazes of babies.

White & Black
The start of Angelb.’s design contains fun shapes in ‘white’ and ‘black,’ the symbol of innocence.

Baby’s Choice
Angelb. is also good for mothers to use because its design is customized for the senses of babies and their environment to stimulate their development. We will create a ‘baby culture’ that babies can safely enjoy.
Give ‘Angelb.,’ an innocent world of fun and play, to your angelic baby.

Brand concept

Angelb. is a brand that creates an innocent and pure world that is full of fun and play so that our curious babies can grow and develop in safety and comfort.

Newborn Baby
We will be with you from the birth of your baby.

The white color of Angelb. symbolizes the light of that most dazzling moment when the baby comes out of the mother’s womb, and connotes the innocence of pure white as well as joy.

Fun shapes in white and black that babies see for the first time, and other colors which they see three months after their birth will stimulate their curiosity.

Grow up Play
Angelb. gives joyful and happy experiences in line with the developmental trajectory of babies during the first 48 months.

Brand Identity (BI)

Dot connotes the place of birth, the beginning of life, and infinite possibilities.

B means birth and beginning.

Baby’s first home
It reminds us of the mother’s womb, the first home place of a baby.

Ever-changing circle
It signifies potential, creativity, and energy.

Product Introduction


Newborn Baby Goods

The best products for newborn babies in white color, the base color of Angelb.

These are the best gifts for newborn babies featuring basic lineups that are ideal for them.

Baby Wear & Accessory

Baby clothes & accessory

Angelb. gives your baby special experience with its products of innocence and joyful imagination.

Angelb. baby clothes and accessories are designed with sensual styles and colors that are characterized by individuality and simplicity.


Bed clothes

Safe and soft materials make the perfect bed for a delicate baby that is warm and comfortable like a mother’s arms. Bed clothes with modern and sensual designs are good for interior design purposes.


Angelb. Look book

We introduce you to Angelb.
products that connote innocence, happiness, and emotion.