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마더스베이비는 '행복한 엄마'와 '건강한 아기'를 위해
자연주의 육아를 실현하는 모유수유 전문브랜드입니다.



Mothersbaby is a breastfeeding products brand
that realizes naturalistic parenting for “happy mother” and “healthy baby.”


Brand Introduction

Mothersbaby, a breastfeeding products brand that realizes naturalistic parenting

Happy mom & Healthy baby
Mothersbaby is a breastfeeding products brand that realizes naturalistic parenting for communication of “happy mother” and “healthy baby.”

Nature is hope!
Breastfeeding is the way of nature.
When a mother breastfeeds her baby in her arms, the warmth of her body is delivered and sustainable life is given to her baby. A baby feels peace when he/she makes eye contact with his/her mother.
Communication of ‘baby’ and ‘mother,’ it’s perfectly natural.
Nature is hope.

Mother’s baby, not cow’s baby
Mothersbaby was started from ‘the heart of mother’ to give her baby mother’s milk, not cow milk.
We will actively support and help mothers in the world ‘breastfeed their babies’.

Brand concept

Mothersbaby is breastfeeding and parenting products brand with creative designs and practical uses based on naturalistic parenting.

Mothersbaby Promise ‘H2S’

Mothersbaby develops products beneficial to humans and nature.

Mothersbaby devotes itself to the health of pregnant women, babies and families.

Mothersbaby promotes the comfort and happiness of breastfeeding and parenting time.

Brand Identity (BI)

The brown color of Mothersbaby’s BI embodies naturalism, the earth, the land, and origin.

Product Introduction

Nursing Cushion

Nursing Cushion

This nursing cushion was developed for the most comfortable and stable breastfeeding posture.

Mothers can keep the right breastfeeding posture for a long time, and comfortably take care of their babies as this cushion prevents and reduces back pain, shoulder pain, and arm pain.

Maternity Support Band

Maternity Support Band

This maternity support band protects the weakened joints of mothers after giving birth and prevents and reduces their pain.

This band is useful when doing light exercises or yoga, and is very helpful for healthy and comfortable parenting and other activities engaged in by mothers, grandparents and nannies of babies.

Maternity Innerwear

Maternity Innerwear

This innerwear is customized for mothers’ body types and breastfeeding.

With safe and comfortable materials and a thermal effect, this innerwear helps mothers produce healthy milk and its v-neck design makes breastfeeding easy.

This can be comfortably used all year around, before and after pregnancy.

Maternity Clothes

Maternity Clothes

Pregnant women can comfortably wear these clothes which are made of safe materials and have excellent elasticity.

These clothes are designed for comfortable breastfeeding based on an in-depth study on breastfeeding methods.

Maternity Goods

Maternity Goods

These are mother-customized maternity goods for the health and safety of mothers.

These include maternity cushions and sitz baths to help correct posture and reduce the pain of mothers who feel pain when sitting after giving birth, and warm socks and a toothbrush kit which are needed by mothers.

Breast-feeding Goods

Breast-feeding Goods

These are specialized items to promote successful breastfeeding.

These includes a variety of breastfeeding items such as articles for protecting the nipples and preventing nipple discomfort , eco-friendly dandelion tea which helps increase the amount of breast milk, comfortable breastfeeding pads, and breast milk storage packs which can easily store breast milk.


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