Brand Story


Birth of happy family, babiz

바비즈는 가족의 탄생과 성장 속에서
건강하고 자연스러운 삶의 경험을 나누며
행복한 라이프 스타일을 만들어갑니다.



Special love for the happy family
Babiz is creating a happy lifestyle
through healthy healing
in the birth and growth of the happy family.

Brand Story

Brand Story

With ceaseless passion and a challenging spirit, we will be with our customers every moment in which their families live and grow.

Sora, the CEO, who has acted as an environmental activist to make the Earth greener, became a mother of two children and naturally breast-fed her children and used cloth diapers. But it was very hard for her to breast-feed. She had to breast-feed her baby every two hours, and she woke up to do it even in the middle of the night as the baby often cried to be fed.
In the meantime, she took a class for breastfeeding experts at her husband Charlie’s suggestion, who worked in the baby products business and began helping mothers who had a hard time breastfeeding their babies.

That’s when she began acting as a breastfeeding support activist. She felt sorry for mothers in Korea because there were no products that make breastfeeding easier.
In such a barren land for the breastfeeding business, Charlie and Sora, the parents of two children, took up the challenge, and created a breastfeeding products brand named ‘Mothersbaby.’ After that, they experienced the new birth of their family; their children played Cupid for them and made their relationship stronger whenever they faced problems.

It was the beginning of ‘Mothersbaby,’ a breastfeeding products brand that promotes naturalistic parenting, ‘Angelb.,’ a baby products brand that resembles the world newborn babies see for the first time, and ‘Beaile Suite,’ a education and cultural center for family happiness.
Babiz is a brand created by family. Babiz will be with its customers every moment in the growth of their lives and families based on the experiences of the birth of babies and the new birth of family.

Brand Identity (BI)

Babiz’s brand Identity has a service philosophy to share the happy moments and healthy future of families based on love and enthusiasm.

Babiz is a brand which supports the birth and growth of family, love of family members and generations and community of people living together. In its brand identity, ‘Babiz’ connotes the meaning of friendly consideration and the wise and open frank attitudes of a partner of customers and employees, and the ‘Sunrise Red’ color represents the magnificent beginning of the day and the birth of family and connotes the idea of love of customers, family members, and generations, and the enthusiasm of all of the executives and staffs of Babiz.