Design Laboratory


Happy together, Happy harmony babiz

자연과 사회 속에서 조화롭게
건강하고 행복한 삶을 누릴 수 있도록
따뜻한 나눔과 행동을 실천합니다.



Special love for the happy family
Babiz is creating a happy lifestyle through healthy healing
in the birth and growth of the happy family.

Design Laboratory

Quality products that provide better comfort at reasonable prices, greater challenges and creativity that are beneficial,
greater thoughtfulness, commitment to ‘expand benefits to people’ (=humanitarianism), and a creative spirit of challenge,
these values shape Babiz’s philosophy of design.

Babiz Design Laboratory never stops working for special designs and quality, and the development of trustworthy contents and services.

Necessary, comfortable, reliable and beautiful!

Babiz has always put itself in our customers’ shoes and has thought and acted like them.
After developing ‘nursing cushion’ and ‘support band,’ Babiz tried to identify those items that families really need to grow and that are really comfortable. With the mission of providing reliable products with excellent designs for beautiful lifestyles, Babiz will continue to consider customers as its family and think and acts in customers’ shoes.

Special design with new design methodology!

Babiz Design Laboratory has been working to create nursing clothes and baby inner wear and clothes with better designs since it started designing breastfeeding goods based on its ardent passion. The laboratory is engaged in conducting the ‘Writer Incubating System’ to find new writers and pursuing mutual growth and providing more special designs to customers through many different types of collaborations.

Communication, better than and more than a product

Babiz has devoted itself to creating various contents for the happiness of families including ‘from pregnancy to child birth, naturalistic parenting, breastfeeding, Kangaroo care, and first-step’ and providing the right education and services. For communication with customers which is better than goods, Babiz will deliver services that provide customer satisfaction with trustworthy contents at reasonable prices at the Creation center for happy family ‘Beaile Suite.’