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Birth of happy family, babiz

바비즈는 가족의 탄생과 성장 속에서
건강하고 자연스러운 삶의 경험을 나누며
행복한 라이프 스타일을 만들어갑니다.



Special love for the happy family
Babiz is creating a happy lifestyle
through healthy healing
in the birth and growth of the happy family.

CEO Message

‘Babiz Korea’ has been there for a long time to promote the happy life of myself, my family and community.

Babiz Korea always gives strong support for the birth of the family which is an integral part of happiness, supports all mothers and fathers and promotes the health of babies in the world and aims to play the role of a leader in realizing naturalistic parenting.

I realized how fast time went by where my child is concerned.
I remember 20 years ago when I felt the greatest happiness that I ever experienced at the birth of my first child and tried hard to be the best mother for the baby. I thought washing diapers with baby laundry soap, boiling and disinfecting them using only sunlight was better than using disposable diapers which were common at that time.

I started breastfeeding as I just thought that nothing is better than breast milk. I had no idea that breast milk would cause problems as it is the traditional way which has been used for a long time. However, breastfeeding was actually harder than I expected and I felt very frustrated with the reality.

Based on the business for supporting breastfeeding that I started to maintain the health of my child and happiness of my family, I would like to share the difficulties that I actually experienced with many people and resolve them.
I always give strong support for the birth of the family which is an integral part of happiness, support all mothers and fathers and promote the health of babies in the world, and will take the lead in realizing naturalistic parenting.