Birth of happy family, babiz

바비즈는 가족의 탄생과 성장 속에서
건강하고 자연스러운 삶의 경험을 나누며
행복한 라이프 스타일을 만들어갑니다.



Special love for the happy family
Babiz is creating a happy lifestyle
through healthy healing
in the birth and growth of the happy family.


Based on naturalistic parenting, Babiz Korea has pursued the development of actual products and services, partnerships with experts in various fields and fulfilling its social responsibility since its foundation.

Launched a store at Little Shinsegae of Shinsegae Department Store Gangnam Branch
Launched a store at E mart
Launched a store at MomoElephant in Harbin, China
Launched a store at online Japanese shopping mall Rakuten
Won an exclusive contract with Perfect Potion, Australia’s beauty brand
Launched a store at a wholesale store in Guangzhou
Launched a store at a Starfield Hanam branch
Launched stores at Gangseo NC Department Store and Bucheon Newcore Outlet
Won the KSCI (Korea Satisfaction Consumer Index) 2015 grand prize for baby products
Exported to Japan
Opened the first Beaile suite store at Changchun, China
Established naturalistic parenting research center
Won a contract with Italian brand Douuod
Won a contract with Italian brand Pecora
Won a contract with Italian brand Pietro Brunelli
Participated in Shanghai CBME
Opened Beaile suite store which is directly operated by Babiz Headquarters
Exported to Taiwan
Given a model business person award by Minister of Gender Equality & Family on Business Women’s Day
Exported to China (Hong Kong)
Won an exclusive contract with Dutch brand Koeka in Korea
Won an exclusive contract with British brand Seraphine
Launched baby products brand ‘Angelb.’
Won an exclusive contract with ‘Babylonia,’ natural baby carrier brand s, in Korea
Began exporting to Saudi Arabia and UAE
Participated in Shanghai CBME (Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo)
Participated in Xinjiang Eurasia Fashion Fair in China
Launched a store at Danuri in Seoul Citizens Hall
Selected as a ‘Rising-star’ company of Seoul
Developed the first third-generation ergonomic D-shaped slide memory foam nursing cushion
Joined ‘G:ru,’ fair trading social enterprise
Localized ‘Dandelion Stilltee’ which stimulates breast milk production
Organized entire childbirth and baby product lineups –prepared to be Korea’s representative baby product brand
Changed the name of corporation to Babiz Korea Inc.
Ranked first in the field of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding products with nursing cushion and wrist band
Organized total care product lineups for pregnant women
Organized skin care product lineups
Sponsored ‘World Breastfeeding Week’ events held by Planned Population Federation of Korea
Provided free education about right posture for breastfeeding
Won an exclusive contract with global skincare brand ‘Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial Treatment’ in Korea
Achieved 3 billion won in online sales
Developed third-generation D-shaped slide nursing cushion
Achieved 3 billion won in online sales
Sponsored project for supporting pregnant women at risk in collaboration with Planned Population Federation of Korea
Built Mothersbaby (self-employed operation) brand
Developed the first second-generation big size nursing cushion
Developed D-shaped nursing cushion for experts
Built ‘Happy room for mothers and babies’ in collaboration with Planned Population Federation of Korea
Built about 100 breastfeeding rooms at Yongsan-gu Office, Cheil Worldwide, Grand Hyatt Hotel and others
Supported and supplied breastfeeding products to Mother & child health center of health centers nationwide
Supported and participated in Planned Population Federation of Korea’s programs for promoting childbirth and breastfeeding
Supplied Mothersbaby products to famous franchises in Korea
Official supplier of Korea Federation of Postpartum Care Centers and famous franchise postpartum care centers
Launched import of luxury global brands including Noli&Nali
Developed nursing cushion for twins
Built a breastfeeding room at ‘Atopy Seoul’ Fair
Selected as national baby fair participant
Developed Korea’s first D-shaped sponge nursing cushion
Developed maternity support band for protecting joints of pregnant women
Built Babiz breastfeeding club franchise store (Gongneung branch)
Developed Mothersbaby breastfeeding products (nursing cushion and wrist support)
Established Babiz(self-employed operation)
CEO Sora Choi acquired international breastfeeding support expert license
Provided consulting services to hospitals and postpartum care centers
Made home visits to provide education for dealing with breastfeeding problems
Distributed breastfeeding products
Established Babiz breastfeeding club
Operated breast pump rental business