Social activities


Happy together, Happy harmony babiz

자연과 사회 속에서 조화롭게
건강하고 행복한 삶을 누릴 수 있도록
따뜻한 나눔과 행동을 실천합니다.



Special love for the happy family
Babiz is creating a happy lifestyle through healthy healing
in the birth and growth of the happy family.

Social activities

Babiz is running a campaign to create a good environment for breastfeeding and making donations to Green Korea United in order to become a social enterprise that protects nature and the happiness of the family.

Babiz holds special bazaars and has donated some of its revenues to welfare facilities.

Participation in public events

Babiz participates in various public events to support and promote the correct parenting knowledge and culture.

  • Sponsored education for pregnant women in ‘World Breastfeeding Week’ events
  • Sponsored baby love pregnancy & parenting class organized by Planned Population Federation of Korea
  • Sponsored project for supporting pregnant women at risk organized by Planned Population Federation of Korea
  • Supported Mom Mom Mom Seoul open lecture
  • Sponsored the project for overcoming low birth rates held by Seoul Head Office of Good World for Having a Baby


Babiz has participated in community services and made donations to public facilities to promote the happiness of under-privileged families.
Babiz cares a lot about environmental issues as it pursues naturalistic parenting. Like the motto of the environmental movement organization Green Korea United that reads ‘The green future we create together, that’s the world Green Korea United dreams of,’ Babiz also dreams of the green future. For that reason, Babiz has donated some of its revenues to Green Korea United. Babiz aims to set an example as an eco-friendly company through its own programs and various activities.

A campaign for making a good environment for breastfeeding

Babiz is working on a project for building breastfeeding rooms and pumping rooms in order to improve the parenting environment in offices and public facilities.
Babiz also installs breasting panels which provide the right breastfeeding position at breastfeeding rooms in obstetrics and gynecology and postpartum care centers in order to encourage mothers to breastfeed their babies and to provide useful parenting information.

60 places including Yongsan-gu Office, Cheil Worldwide, and Grand Hyatt Hotel